Soaking and Breathing in the Best Spas in the World, A Visit to the Denbighshire

Few vacations are brimming with as much opportunity as a trip to a remote castle spa. There is something immortal and everlasting about natural spas, as citizens of Hot springs, Arkansas, and the famous natural spring water spas can attest to. It is a paradise, often quite literally, and vacationers can experience it for themselves.

Of course, there is a momentous difference between a visit to a spa in Arkansas and one in the outskirts of Wales near the Ruthin Castle. The famous castle is an iconic landmark of Wales. The castle is bordered by what is now nearly as famous—the spas of Denbighshire.

The Ruthin Castle

First, visitors need to soak in the expanse of Ruthin Castle. The castle was once home to King Arthur—yes, the legendary King Arthur. The castle has housed Kings, Queens, and Lords for centuries. The castle has been modernized where it counts, particularly in the spa days surrounding the castle. It has become a clear romantic escape. Visitors see the castle in the background as they indulge in the spas of Denbighshire.


A Glance at Denbighshire

Denbighshire is one of the classic in every way. It is an ideal escape, partly due to the surrounding landscape. Visitors can explore the castle, but they are also just a brisk drive away from a small Wales marketplace.

The region surrounding the spas and the Ruthin Castle consists of about three iconic villages. Visitors can traverse Rhyl and Prestatyn in the Northern region of Wales. They can then head down through the Vale of Clwyd, which plays host to the vivacious and spectacular town of Llangollen.

The entire adventure encompasses three main pieces. Visitors can enjoy the breadth of Ruthin Castle in all its glory and experience the challenging history it holds. The spas act as the any potential vacation frustrations can be fully alleviated. But, the surrounding villages fit the traveler’s spirit by offering rich foods and cultural depth. It is a vacation experience unlike any other. The website holds host to many different spa-oriented travels throughout Wales and surrounding regions.